“Anna: take me to the door

Of your house of flowers

Where bliss never ends.”

Jorge Carrera Andrade,

from ‘The Weathercock of the Cathedral of Quito.

translated by Thomas Merton




“The world’s co…

“The world’s continual breathing is what we hear and call silence.”

Clarice Lispector,
The Passion According to G.H.


” Oh, to awake from dreaming…………………Let me pull myself out of these waters. But

they heap themselves on me; they sweep me in between their great shoulders; I am turned;

I  am tumbled; I  am stretched, among these long lights, these long waves, these endless paths,

with people pursuing, pursuing…..”

Virginia Woolf. The Waves



“Come be my lov…

“Come be my love in the wet woods come,

Where the boughs rain when it blows….”

Robert Frost,
from “A Line-storm”


Remember standing with me in the dark

escaping? In the wild house? Everything–

I mad for you, you mad for me?


Robert Lowell,

from “1958”


“It was a breat…

“It was a breath of wind that twisting your great hair
brought forth strange rumors to your dreaming head.”